Lizelle's Pregnancy Journal

Week 33 Ė 31 August 2007
~ Baby Showers!

I had my baby shower on Sunday! It was very nice and we got so many gifts! My whole family was there and some friends and we all had a barbeque afterwards. It was at my friendís house. She asked me to come over and help her sort out some things for the twins. Corne was in on it and he was supposed to bring me! They all tried very hard to keep it a surprise but I had an idea something was up. It was still very fun and I enjoyed it!

When we went home I unpacked everything and showed Corne and packed it into the babyís cupboard. Well needless to say the cupboard went from empty to full in an hour. Corne seemed to be into it and looked at all the cute outfits we got. It was so nice to share that with him and for him to be interested in baby stuff. It was something new!

I was so tired after that I went to sleep at about 21h00. It seems to be my bedtime these days. Iím definitely more tired than before. Iíve also started having some discomfort down under. It feels like my pelvic bones are rubbing together or pulling or stretching. Itís not painful all the time but I feel it when I move a lot.

I took a dayís leave on Tuesday to go and get my new ID and Passport. Mine is still my original ones I got when I was 16 and still in my maiden name. Better I do it now before Jaide arrives. I also went scouting for some day mothers in our area to look after Jaide when I have to go back to work in December. I wasnít very impressed but there is one I like more out of all of them. Iím going to another one tomorrow morning but sheís a bit out of the way. If I like her more Iíll travel the distance. Itís hard to imagine anyone looking after her but me.

Something nice I looked up on the internet about her name. Apparently Jaide is an Arabic name and it means Goodness. I think that is so nice. I liked that name from the start and havenít even considered any other names since then. Corne also seems to like it. Iím happy with our decision.

I can feel our little girl is becoming bigger and stronger. I can feel it in her kicks. No more butterfly movements and you can see my whole stomach jerk when she kicks. It really is lovely. I canít wait to meet her.

Congrats to Christian and Casey on the arrival of their little ones! Amy is next and then itís me! Can you believe it?

Have a good week!

~ Lizelle

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