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Week 34 Ė 6 September 2007
~ Spring Has Sprung!

34 weeksWinter is over and the sun has come out! Yippee! The trees are getting greener and I love it. We have had very nice weather this last week. Around 30 degrees C everyday! Itís like straight out of winter right into a heat wave. Oh well Iím not complaining.

I saw the midwife again last week and guess what? My blood pressure was high again! We decided as long as I didnít feel unwell, which I didnít, weíll wait until Monday after class and take my blood pressure again. Well needless to say it was normal on Monday. So I have come to the conclusion that itís a variety of things that make my blood pressure rise when I go for a checkup. Iím stressed that something will be wrong and driving in traffic on a Thursday afternoon to the hospital freaks me out. Iím tired, itís almost the end of the week and Iím overworked. I think itís just me! So at least now we know!

Speaking of classes, next week will be my last. I canít believe thatís over as well. Things are really coming to a close now. A couple of weeks left and Jaide will be here.

Physically Iíve been tired and uncomfortable and some days, like yesterday she kicked me the whole day! Today sheís a bit quieter again. I donít mind the kicks; at least I know sheís fine but it makes me uncomfortable because itís in my ribs the whole time and I have to sit up so straight the whole day.

Iíve been preparing for the birth a bit more this last week. I do my pelvic floor exercises whenever I remember but I try and do it every time I go to the loo. Corneís been great and we started doing the Perineum massage. Also Iíve been practicing my breathing and relaxation every night for about 20 minutes. I also have been reading my birth affirmations from my Hypnobirthing book every day. Hopefully I can keep this up and Iím sure my birth experience will be exactly what I want. Itís all in the mind. Well 95% of it at least.

This weekend Iím starting to spring clean the house and de-clutter. There are a lot of things I want to sort out before Jaide arrives because I know there will be no time afterwards. I also got money from my mother-in-law as a present and weíre buying a tumble dryer with it this weekend.

Iím excited!

Till next week . . .

~ Lizelle

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