Lizelle's Pregnancy Journal

Week 35 Ė 12 September 2007
~ Almost there

The weeks just seem to be flying by now! I finished my classes on Monday. Iím glad because Iím so tired at night I could hardly stay awake and it finishes as 22h00 and then I still have 1/2 hour drive home so Iím glad itís done. I definitely feel more prepared now. They had a mom come and talk about her birth experience. She had the same Midwife and Doula as what Iím having and she couldnít stop praising them. That made me feel even happier to know Iíll have such good support for the type of birth I want.

Iím meeting my Doula on Sunday for a chat and also sheís giving me a full body massage. I was so impressed when she told me thatís part of her services. And all for free. I really need it because it feels like these days there isnít much that is not sore. Especially when I get up in the morning. Iím like an old woman. Everything is stiff and sore.

Iím also seeing the Midwife again tomorrow and I hope my blood pressure will be normal for a change. On Saturday Iím having my last scan just to see how the babyís lying and her size and just a final look at her before the big day. So Iíll have more baby news next week.

This past weekend I spent some time washing some of her clothes and blankets and starting to get her bag together for hospital. It really doesnít feel like itís this close but I guess it is.

Iíve also been spending some time getting all my finances in order and I have to take my unemployment forms in to claim benefits when I go on leave the end of the month, and on top of that Iíve started to look for a new car as mine is just too small and I donít even think the pram fits into the boot. Thereís still a bunch of things to do before D-day!

I hope everyone else is doing ok!

Enjoy your pregnancies ladies because soon it will be over!

I know Iíve enjoyed mine and Iím almost ready to meet this little squirming person inside of me.

Till next week . . .

~ Lizelle

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