Lizelle's Pregnancy Journal

Week 36 Ė 20 September 2007
~ I'm Sick!

Yes I have the flu, and I feel terrible. Iím so busy at work and I have another appointment with the Midwife this afternoon so Iíll make it a quick journal.

On a positive note last week my blood pressure was normal! Yeah! Iíve never been so excited about blood pressure before. Everything looked normal and fine. I went for my scan on Saturday and Jaide was measuring at 35 weeks 5 days and my due date was still 15th October. She weighed about 2.7kg. Everything looked normal and fine for me to deliver normally. It was such a relief.

On Sunday my Doula came over and gave me a full body massage and we spent some time chatting and getting to know each other. Iím so glad that I decided to make use of her services. Sheís a trained masseuse and into color therapy and aroma therapy and all kinds of nice things. I think sheíll really be a big help to us on the big day. Sheís going to see me again for a massage before the birth and then again for one after. Iím really impressed with her.

Today is my brother's 25th birthday. We are all going out for dinner tonight. I hope I feel better by then. I really have to rest but thereís just no time! This weekend will be busy again. Iím spring cleaning on Saturday and my maid is coming over to help me and my mom. We have to clean the house properly before the baby comes. Also we are going to the dam on Sunday with my whole family for my momís boyfriendís birthday. I wish I could just stay home and sleep!

Oh well

Till next time,

~ Lizelle

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