Lizelle's Pregnancy Journal

Week 37 Ė 25 September 2007
~ Long Weekend

Well I feel much better! After I went to see the midwife on Thursday she said I should go to the doctor and get some antibiotics just in case it gets worse. Itís too close to my due date to get sick. So I went and it turns out I have a throat and ear infection. She gave me medicine and it seems to be working. I feel better although Iím still very congested which makes practicing your breathing a bit impossible. My blood pressure was 150/60 which is weird I suppose but not dangerous. I had to wait about an hour to see the midwife cause one of her other moms had been in labor since the previous day. It turned out to be one of the couples who went to the classes with us. She was due first from our group. It was so weird to think soon that will be me coming in to the clinic to have my baby. Everything else was fine. I told her Jaide had been very still the previous day and I was worried but I thought maybe because I was feeling so miserable she was also. Luckily sheís been back to her normal squirming self. Iím seeing her again on Thursday.

On Saturday my maid and my mom came over and we spring cleaned the house. Washed all the curtains and walls and bedding. It was hard work but itís so much better now. Thank goodness for my mom helping me otherwise I would have never done it.

On Sunday we went to the dam but it was miserable because the wind was blowing so much nobody enjoyed it much. I also told them that was my last outing before the baby. It was only an hourís drive away but still I was exhausted by the time we came back.

Yesterday we had a public holiday and our friends came over for a barbeque and we spent the day together playing with their twin little girls. They are just too adorable.

This week my brotherís staying over at his girlfriend's place and Corne and I will have the house to ourselves for the last time in forever I think. Iím looking forward to spending our last days together alone. Itís sad in a way but exciting to think weíll have a baby girl soon.

Iím supposed to stop working on Friday but I think I might come in next week even if itís just half day. At least Iíll earn some money for October. The finances are really stressing me out. Iíll see how it goes this week.

Other complaints I have are:
   - Heartburn . . . oh how I loath you!
   - Hemorrhoids . . . well need I say more?
   - Going to the toilet 4 times a night. Iím used to that by now.
   - Pubic bone pain and general discomfort in that region
   - Did I mention heartburn?

Till next week . . . hang in there!

~ Lizelle

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