Lizelle's Pregnancy Journal

Week 38 Ė 02 October 2007
~ Finishing up at work

Well Iím officially on maternity leave since Friday even though Iím still working half day this week. To help out my boss and also at least I earn some money for October. I still feel ok to work and drive, bit it helps coming home early and relaxing because I get very tired and sore at night when Iíve been active the whole day.

Today I stopped by the Day Mother after work and got the forms to fill in for when sheís going to take care of Jaide. Iím glad Iíve sorted that out and Iím happy about our decision to use this lady. She really seems to love the babies she looks after and they seem very happy with her. Iím sure sheíll take excellent care of our little girl.

This weekend we went grocery shopping and itís like everything we do now, I keep thinking this will be the last time we do this without our baby. Itís like weíre on the verge of a life changing thing . . . and we are! Iím excited! Iím nervous but excited and I canít wait to see my baby, and touch her and kiss her.

On Sunday it was Corneís motherís 60th birthday party. We came home early and watched the Rugby and Jaide was so active. Itís like she likes Rugby because every time I watch a game she goes ballistic. Well I was so sore from all her moving around I had to go sleep eventually.

I see the midwife again. Last week she said she thinks Jaide will only come after the 15th as she was still very high and Iím measuring a week behind what I am every time I see her. I hope she doesnít wait too long and I really hope I wonít have to be induced. Everything else was perfect so weíll see what this week holds.

Otherwise I have no new complaints.

Hope everyone is doing well!

Till next week,

~ Lizelle

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