Lizelle's Pregnancy Journal

Week 39 Ė 08 October 2007
~ What Iíll miss about being pregnant

I know thereís only a week or two left of being pregnant and Iíve started thinking about what Iíll miss once itís over and what I wonít. So hereís my list:

What I wonít miss

  • HEARTBURN Ė I canít remember what itís like not to have heartburn
  • Going to the toilet 25 times a day
  • GAS in all shapes and forms
  • Feeling like you swallowed a watermelon all the time
  • Pain and discomfort down under
  • Waking up at night and not being able to sleep again (I guess this one will continue for a while)
  • Stretch marks
  • Not being able to have a drink now and then
  • Being tired
  • General aches and pains

What I will miss

  • Having my little baby safe inside of me and protected from all harm
  • Feeling her move and kick and grow
  • That this precious time went by so quickly and that my little girl will grow up just as quick
  • That this will be the last couple of days as just a couple

09 October 2007 . . .

My friend that used to work with me just had her baby today. It is so weird because I was there when she found out she was pregnant and she was so happy because she struggled to fall pregnant. At that time I already knew I was pregnant for about a week. She has her little girl in her arms tonight and Iím still waiting. Iím getting a little bit impatient now. My due date is Monday so I guess weíll see what happens then.

I see the Midwife again on Thursday so maybe sheíll have some good news for me.

Otherwise Iím feeling well and being at home definitely makes a difference. I feel rested and relax and Iím practicing my breathing and relaxation every day. Jaide is very active especially at night. I hope sheís moving downward with all this activity.

Iíll post a last pic next week if Iím still around, but I think I will be . . .

~ Lizelle

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