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Week 4 - 7 February 2007
~ Shocker!

Well well well. Here I am 3 days late for my period and after a positive home pregnancy test yesterday afternoon and a positive one this morning, I've never been more afraid or nervous in my life. Not at all what I thought I'd feel seeing as I have been longing for a baby for a while now. Corne still sarcastically said to me yesterday morning when I told him I was two days late . . . "Wow, two days?" Like that means something?

I rushed after work to buy these two pregnancy tests and when I came home I told him "something is not right, I've never been late before and can usually tell when I'm suppose to have my period." After showing him the result he still said he doesn't believe the test and it's obviously a dud. And this morning after I did the second test and was lying in bed at 05h00 because I'm having trouble sleeping (hmm I wonder why?) I showed him the second test's two pink lines again and he responded by pulling the duvet over his head.

Yes it's safe to say that we are completely freaked out and in shock. And nobody knows yet. We agreed that I would go for a blood test on Friday to make sure as Corne does not hold much faith in these home pregnancy tests, but I think it's safe to say . . . I'm pregnant!

So this is why I think it is four weeks:

Date of first day of last period: 8 January 2007
Date of conception as per Internet calculator: 21-25 January 2007
Implantation date: 31 January 2007 (I thought that was my period starting but it ended up being just some light spotting)
Due date as per calculator on Internet: 15 October 2007

Oh my God!


Slightly tender breasts and very moody (Until now I still thought I had PMS)
Going to the loo a lot
Nervous stomach and shaky hands (I think that's more me than the fact that I'm pregnant)
I've been so clumsy this last 2 weeks, bumping into things and dropping everything I pick up, burning my hands when I cook (Again, that could just be me)
Generally I don't feel myself but I can't say exactly what it is

Well I think part of the reason why I'm so nervous is because I will be starting a new job on the 1st of March. Now my first impression on these people must be that I'm pregnant. I know it will probably be ok but it's stressful enough to start a new job. I don't know the people yet and I suppose I'm scared they won't be supportive. I've decided that I'm going to keep it a secret from them for as long as I can. Hopefully, until after my three month probation period. I don't think it's going to be possible though.

~ Lizelle

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