Lizelle's Pregnancy Journal

Week 6 - 21 February 2007
~ Worries!

Well this week has been filled with telling people the news and being tired. After I told my mom and dad I started relaxing a bit and not thinking about it all day and all night. We have pretty much fallen into our normal weekly routine again. Except for my mom phoning me everyday and asking whether I'm feeling nauseous.

Then I started worrying about the fact that I'm not nauseous. Maybe there is something wrong? I guess this is the beginning of worrying about the baby for the rest of its life hey? After speaking to a good friend who also just had a baby September last year she told me she only started getting sick by week eight and that I shouldn't worry because every woman is different and every pregnancy is different.

Then last night I started getting this slight crampy pain where I guess my left ovary is suppose to be. This morning it was still there and every now and then I feel it. It's not sore, it's just there. Then all of a sudden I started thinking what if it is an ectopic pregnancy? I guess if the pain gets worse or doesn't go away in the next few days I'll have to try and see the doctor sooner. Oh will this worrying ever end. I don't want to be one of those woman who over analyze everything but I can't get the thought out of my mind. I think I'll google it today and see what I can read about it.

Corne has started to warm up to the idea a bit. He's not the type of person who shows his emotions so I was never expecting him to jump for joy, seeing as this wasn't a planned pregnancy, but he's given me little signals. I'll explain: He just bought a new off road bike (that's his hobby). He was so excited about it when he told me. I asked him if he was excited about the baby and he said that he'll just have to buy him a bike as well. If you know Corne you'll understand that that is about the most excitement you'll get from him. Then every morning when we wake up he rubs my tummy. That's weird because that's definitely not something he used to do before. I just keep quiet and enjoy these little moments.

I have one more week left at this job and then I'll be starting my new one. I can't wait. I haven't told anyone here I'm pregnant and also am not going to tell anyone at my new job, at least for a couple of weeks if I can. I'm still excited for the new challenge. I'll be so much closer to home so when the baby comes it'll be much easier. Also the hours are much better. So hopefully everything will work out.

This past Sunday my friends came over for a visit with their twin baby girls. We had such a nice day and I got lots of practice holding one baby, feeding her and changing her nappy. They are too precious! I also got to tell two other of my good friends I'm pregnant. They were so happy for me. I guess it's all starting to feel real now.

Slightly tender breasts and very moody
Going to the loo a lot
This week I felt icky, not nauseous, just icky. I had no appetite in the morning and even smelling the food put me off.
Very tired and falling asleep in front of the TV when it's barely 20h00
Gassy and burping a lot

~ Lizelle

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