Lizelle's Pregnancy Journal

Week 7 - 27 February 2007
~ A Normal Week

Another week has gone by so quickly. This week has been very mellow. Nothing much to report. There were one or two days that I felt sick in the morning. Just a little queasy nothing horrendous. I have been tired and go to sleep at night feeling like I haven't slept for days. And I sleep between 7 and 8 hours every night so I get enough sleep.

Last week I found out a lady that works with me is also pregnant. She was so excited and told everyone. I felt a bit weird knowing that I have been pregnant for two or three weeks already and didn't tell anyone. Well I told her and she was very happy. Then I felt kind of bad because it felt like I was taking away a bit of her thunder. Oh well. I told her I didn't tell her because I know that she has been trying to conceive for two years and the doctors told them they would have to have either ivf or some other very expensive therapy. They had already done a course of fertility treatments and it didn't work. But it was too weird because we ended up being just a week apart. It's nice to know someone will go through this with me, even though I'm leaving this job tomorrow! Yippee! I'll stay in touch with her. We got along well.

So yes tomorrow will mark the end of this horrible job I've had for a 20 months. I'm so excited! On the other hand I feel bad because I know I'm pregnant but I don't feel like I've connected with this baby at all and it worries me. A good friend told me she felt the same with her second child. Although she wanted her and the pregnancy was planned she just didn't have that connection with her as she did with her first. I'm hoping it's because of the stress of starting the new job and not knowing what to expect when I'll tell them I'm pregnant. Maybe it will happen once I go to the doctor and get confirmation from him and maybe see the scan. I hope so.

Well last week to celebrate my friend being pregnant we decided to go out and buy something for the babies. We each bought a babygrow, hat and booties. Mine was yellow and hers green. It felt so weird to actually buy something for my own baby. It still doesn't feel real! Then on Friday my mom stopped by my house after work. She had bought me a Winnie the Pooh receiving blanket, a towel, another green soft blanket with a fluffy toy and a bib with a duck on it. She was so excited to have bought the baby it's first presents. I didn't even show her what I bought I was too tired and hungry.

I have lots of GAS! I burp all the time. I eat something and then I burp for two hours. And it's not even gassy food.
Still going to the loo a lot.
A little queasy some mornings.
Breasts not so tender anymore.
The pain I had last week in my ovary has not come back again.

I guess that's not bad. I hope I doesn't mean something's wrong and I hope it stays this good.

Oh and I've picked up 2kg. I'm so upset. I haven't even been eating that much. I am overweight as it is and I'm so scared that I'll pick up a lot of weight. I do eat healthy and try and stay away from fast foods but it's difficult sometimes. I'll just have to keep an eye on my diet.

~ Lizelle

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