Lizelle's Pregnancy Journal

Week 8 - 6 March 2007
~ Lots of Changes

What a busy and emotional week! I finished my horrible job on the 28th. Those heartless bastards hardly even said goodbye to me when I left and I was so upset I couldn't stop crying all the way home. Not because I left, just because I thought they'd at least come to me and say well good luck and thanks and have a nice life or something . . . nothing! I don't know if it is hormones making me react like that but I think anybody would have been hurt. I mean I worked there for almost two years! Anyway . . . enough about that.

So I started my new job on the first. The people seem really friendly; there's just a lot of them to get to know. They were desperately waiting for me for a month and a half and were so behind with their work so there was a lot for me to do and a lot of overtime to we worked, but it's fine. At least they seen appreciative of it and I'm sure I will be rewarded for it.

On the pregnancy front there has been a few new developments. Let me list my symptoms:

A feeling like I cannot get enough breath into my lungs and yawn all the time as a result from this, mostly in the evenings when I lie down on the couch. Also with this I have been having some heart palpitations. I don't know if these two are linked but they seem to happen at the same time. It's been a bit better the last two days.

Constipation and bloatedness! Very annoying! I have been eating a lot of fruit and drinking plenty of water but I guess me not really doing any exercise doesn't help. I want to get some Black Forest Tea. Maybe that will help.

Breasts are still tender but they have their moments.

Tiredness from time to time but nothing excessive. On Friday I had my worst day so far. I was so tired and hot and irritated I wanted to cry. When I eventually left work I had to rush to an appointment and only got home a bit later. It was terrible.

Cramps now and then. The other night I sneezed and it felt like my ovary exploded! Ok it wasn't that bad but I had a pain for a couple of seconds and then it passed. No bleeding or anything so I guess it's ok. Maybe it's just everything stretching and moving in there.

Other than that I still have no real morning sickness. Apart from the couple of days when I felt a bit "off", I've been fine and healthy.

Well I have to start working now so that will be it for this week.

~ Lizelle

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