Lizelle's Pregnancy Journal

Week 9 - 14 March 2007
~ Work, work, work, work . . . tired!

I think the title is an understatement this week. Iíve just worked out Iíve done +- 90 hours of work from last week Monday where I would normally do 56 hours! That is 34 hours overtime! That is 34 hours in which I could have taken a bath and shaved at least 3 times, watched a couple of movies, did a facial and plucked my eyebrows, done my nails and toenails which I might add is becoming more frightening to look at every day or most importantly just slept! But no, alas I have not been able to do any of these things and I am getting depressed about it. I am tired! My eyes are burning as I sit here and type this and I might just get sick today . . . or thatís how it feels. I know it will be over soon; blessed year-end and blessed auditors (I canít believe I said that because I use to be one!) but it canít be over soon enough! I guess any normal person would be frustrated by now but being pregnant sure doesnít help. I just hope Iím not harming my baby by exhausting myself like this.

Well on to other things. I have been well otherwise except that I spent the weekend (well the few precious hours I wasnít working) being extremely grumpy and irritated! I could kill everybody. I realized I missed my second period last week and resolved that I was suffering from oppressed pms! Monday was the worst day! I seem to have one very bad day every seven and Monday was it. I didnít sleep well on Sunday night and kept being woken up by mosquitoes! So when I woke up on Monday morning I knew it was going to be a bad day. I just felt horrible the whole day and had to work until 20h00. So by the end of the day I was quite literally in tears. I must say Corne has been very patient and kind to me getting up every morning to make me coffee and just being unusually nice which is not like him at all! I am appreciating it!

I havenít had time to check my mail or reply to anyone or even to phone my friends and catch up. I wish everything would just go back to normal. I guess now that I said that I realize nothing will ever be normal again from now on . . . ha ha ha.

On Friday Iím going to my first Ob/Gyn appointment and will finally see what had been going on in there. I am quite excited. So next week I should have some interesting baby news.

One thing I have noticed is that it is becoming increasingly difficult to find something to where for work in the mornings. I just feel so bloated and everything I try on looks horrible to me so I spend half an hour in the mornings trying to find something to wear. Well Corne and I have decided we both need clothes and are going on a little shopping spree this weekend. I hope Iím up for it.

Other symptoms:
Breasts still a bit sore but not as bad
Not going to the bathroom that much anymore thank goodness
Still tired
No morning sickness yet
Bloated and constipated still but not that bad
Heart palpitations seem to have stopped a bit
I did have quite a few cramps in this last week but the last two days have been good.

Doesnít seem that bad after all?

~ Lizelle

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