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Mali's Pregnancy Journal
Mali and Chris
StorkNet is very pleased to bring you Mali's Pregnancy Journal.

Mali learned about her pregnancy six days after her 18th birthday. As a teen mom, she's gathered the support of her mom and boyfriend and is embracing this tremendous change in her life. Mali daughter, Raleigh was born at 40 weeks, on February 14, 2006 weighing a healthy 7 lbs 4 oz.

Join Mali as she shares her pregnancy with us.

Mali's Journal Entries


Meet Mali and Read Highlights Through Week 16

Week 17
The Pooch

Week 18
Sono Results

Week 19
Moving, Moving, Moving!

Week 20
It's not an IT anymore!

Week 21
New Due Date???

Week 22
Starting to Show

Week 23
I Love Being Pregnant

Week 24
3rd Trimester approaching

Week 25

Week 26
Some new "badges of honor"

Week 27
Blissfully Uneventful

Week 28
Starting to Realize . . .

Week 29
Weight Watchin'

Week 30
Bundle of . . . Breech?!

Week 31
Christmas Craze

Week 32
Merry Christmas!

Week 33
In Firing Position!

Week 34
Baby knees!

Weeks 35 & 36
Baby shower!

Week 37
Getting close!

Week 38
Eviction notice!

Week 39
Final hours

Week 40
Birth Story!

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