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Mali's Pregnancy Journal

Birth Story!
~ Meet Raleigh

My final doctor's appointment on February 13, 2006 went well, except my cervix had not dilated. My midwife looked at some papers and told me she would be right back, and when she came back she said the hospital was expecting me at 4 p.m. that day instead of 5 a.m. the next day for my induction. I was so nervous! She gave me a hug and wished me luck.

I rushed home and packed a few things, made a few phone calls, and then ate my last meal until delivery! The hospital admitted me at 4:00, but didn't start the cytotec until 6. I was having very mild but regular contractions all night and couldn't sleep too well with the monitors on me, but 5:30 came and the nurse started the pitocin. I started having stronger contractions, but it was not anything unbearable.

My doctor stopped in at 7:15 to check me and I was only 1 cm! He said he would be back in an hour to break my water. I was a little sad about that for some reason! Once my water broke, they had me on my hands and knees to prevent back labor. That's when the contractions were starting to hurt, and at 10 I went for a walk and that helped a lot! My doctor decided that I shouldn't be walking around anymore and I got back in bed. At 11:30 the contractions were pretty unbearable, and I was having a lot of back labor. I was only 1.5 cm and I asked the nurse for something for the pain. They gave me nubain, which was great! I still felt the pain but I could relax and let the contractions do their work. That wore off pretty quick though, and at 2:30 a.m. I got my epidural at 2 1/2 cm. I was interested in a natural childbirth, but that epidural was AMAZING! I could not feel any contractions and I was so numb and warm that I fell asleep. At 4:30 I was checked and at 4 cm so I fell back asleep.

At about 7:30 Chris (my boyfriend) woke me up and said the doctor was going to check me again. I was feeling the contractions in my butt at that point! I was expecting to be about 6 but I was at a 9! Chris ran out to tell everyone and I guess my mom had a priceless reaction! At 8 I started pushing, and the head came down in about 15-20 minutes and the nurse brought me a mirror to see! That worked as a motivation, and I started pushing pretty hard. I felt everything but the pain---the urge to push, her head crowning (it kind of burned but not bad!) and her body leaving me!

They suctioned her mouth and put her in the warmer, and I delivered the placenta right away and was getting a few repairs. She was handed to me and she was GORGEOUS! We tried breastfeeding right away but she did not know how to suck, so they took her to get cleaned up. It was an awesome experience and I would do it again in a heartbeat! My stay at the hospital was perfect (I was kind of apprehensive) and we got a lot of help trying to breastfeed, and we are still working on it but it's about there!

It really is true about forgetting the pain right away, I can't recall the exact feeling! I had a wonderful birth experience and now I have a beautiful daughter!

Raleigh Ellyson
7 lbs 4 oz
19.5 inches long
February 14, 2006

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