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~ Meet Mali . . .

Mali and ChrisMy name is Mali and I found out I was expecting on June 9th, 2005, exactly six days after my eighteenth birthday. This wasn't planned, and because I am so young I was not exactly jumping for joy. The hardest part was telling my mom, which I told her that evening. Like most teenage girls, I was thinking she was going to be REALLY mad but instead I received a hug and comforting words. I am very lucky to have a great and supportive boyfriend (Chris) who has been by my side this whole time. After talking to other teen moms-to-be, I've learned that we have all received more support that we were expecting. As for my pregnancy, well, I did a lot of research and soon I began to embrace it! It's amazing learning all the stages and growth of the baby...

Week 10 ~ July 15

I got out of work early today and as my last doctor's appointment they did not find the heartbeat, they told me to come in again in a few weeks and they would try again. Today ended up working out for that. Like most expecting mothers, I worried about miscarriage and could not wait for the 12th week when the risk goes down. When I got to the doctor's office and finally into a room, a nursing assistant had no luck finding the heartbeat, but seeing my disappointment she called Sue the "expert for heartbeats" midwife and after a few tries, we finally heard the AMAZING 160 beats-per-minute PERFECT heartbeat! I still worry about my baby, but reading birth stories helps a lot!

Week 12

Finally, the beginning of the second trimester is right around the corner! I have been having dreams that I am having a girl, but everyone said they see me having a boy! With my doctor, they wait until week 20 to do the first sonogram, but right now that seems so far away! To all you mothers who wait until birth to find out the gender, I applaud you because I know I can't wait that long! I was talking to a friend who is due in October and she said the time goes by quickly, but right now I don't feel pregnant; I feel nauseous and tired... but the best way to look at that is that baby is developing and looking forward to meeting your little passenger.

Week 14 ~ August 6, 2005

I started moving out yesterday and spent my first night away from home (for good anyway) and in my new apartment. I know this is going to be hard, but after talking with my family, we think this is the best choice, even though my mom offered to turn the upstairs into a little apartment. I don't want her to feel to responsible--I am going to be a mother and Chris and I are determined to make this work! I had another doctor's appointment two days ago and my mom and Chris got to hear the baby's heartbeat for the first time since I went to hear it by myself and very spontaneously last time. It was again 160 beats per minute. I also have another appointment in about four weeks and they are doing a sonogram September 8th! Knowing my baby though, s/he will probably be covering itself somehow, but I think if you lay certain ways you can encourage the baby to move.

Speaking of movement, I read that I will be feeling the baby move in a few weeks! How exciting! I also can't wait to be showing, even though I'm sure many people will frown at me for being so young... but I don't really care. Anyone who frowns at teens for being pregnant probably need to understand the statistics a little more, and that not everything can be prevented. I got a free subscription of PARENTING magazine so I have been reading those quite a bit, and while the material is good to read, all too often it mentions "you and your spouse". I guess it makes me feel kind of awkward because I know a lot of single moms and couples who have children but aren't married.

As for what's happening to my body right now, the nausea has passed but I am still tired a lot. I have a little "pooch" but it looks more like extra weight than a pregnant belly, but by my sonogram I think I'll be looking a little more pregnant...

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