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Mali's Pregnancy Journal

Week 17
~ The Pooch

My belly is starting to poke out! When I look in the mirror with a relaxed stomach, I can really notice! Even when I suck it in (not that I do that often... this is the only time I can relax and not worry) I have a "pooch" right where the baby is. I also read in a book that most women start to get bigger right around 20 weeks, so I am about there.

People are really being great about my pregnancy! My co-workers seem like they are really interested and tell me their own birth stories and pregnancy stories, and when I go to the grocery store the cashier has someone bag and offer to carry my groceries. I did have a somewhat unpleasant encounter this week though; I was getting skim milk and the cashier said I am too thin for being four months and I should get 1%. It only irritated me because I eat all the time and probably more than I should, but I just don't like milk! The way I see it though is to accept other people's opinions because, like it or not, I am sure I will get plenty of not-so-nice opinions.

At the doctors office this week, the baby was kicking while we were listening to the heart beat and it was awesome to hear the baby moving! I just hope s/he feels like moving a bit during the sono next week, because I really want to know the gender!

Anyway, I will update with the gender next week! Until then...

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