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Mali's Pregnancy Journal

Week 18
~ Sono Results

So... yesterday we had the ultasound! Let me start off by saying it was AMAZING to see our little baby on the screen, and I am sure my mom, sister, Chris, and his mom all felt the same way!

About the gender... for about 3 minutes it was a little boy. Then when she went back to get a picture of the little "somethin somethin", there was nothing there. She said it could have been against the leg, but she was looking from pretty graphic positions. She said 50/50 chance and she wasn't leaning toward any gender. The part that is somewhat bad: the baby measured to be about two weeks smaller. Now I am going to say that I will not mind at all if I have a 6 lb baby, but I do not want to be considered any less weeks than I am! I feel that I am so close to the halfway point I don't want to go back. I am thinking that this may not be uncommon, as a few girls I worked with were a few weeks ahead or behind measurements. But... right at 10 weeks they found a heartbeat... so would that be possible at 8??? Maybe I should eat more.

I do have another sono on the 22nd to check the baby's measurements again, so we should find out the gender then. I also found out I have a very active baby! S/he was kicking, stretching, "waving", and we even got a thumb sucking shot! What a cute baby, and I can't wait until the the 22nd!

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