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Mali's Pregnancy Journal

Week 19
~ Moving, Moving, Moving!

I have been feeling the baby move more and more, but baby IT is still not strong enough for anyone else to feel. My belly button looks like it will pop out in a few weeks---which I wasn't expecting since it is pretty deep but the middle part is coming out more!

I am very excited for next Thursday hoping baby IT cooperates this time and doesn't move stuff around, but it was really interesting to see such an active baby. I have been trying to eat a little more and take in more calcium... and veggies... hoping the baby will grow a little more. My belly is getting bigger by the day (it seems) so maybe baby is having a growth spurt a little later.

At work I have been trying to get information on maternity leave (never too early to find out the company policy) but no one is getting back to me. Hopefully I can get a better job after the baby is born so I can be a full time mother and a part time worker, but for now I am getting some overtime because I know it's pretty likely that my hours will get cut once I get really close.

Trying to find a new car as well... even though I JUST got my dream car in April... but it's really bad luck (hit and run, run off the road, rear ended all in two months!) and I don't think babies are too safe or warm in the winter in a convertible. Since it is in my dad's name, he said he will fix the damage from the hit and run and sell it, since he knows a few people who would buy it for about $3,000 more than I paid for it... and no, I get nothing back from that, but that is fine because I am getting rid of a car payment and sadly... the not-so-family vehicle.

Anyway, I will write soon when (and IF) I find out the gender!!

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