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Week 20
~ It's not an IT anymore! maternal instinct as well as the old wives' tale quiz AND the chinese gender chart is correct! I am carrying a beautiful baby girl! I think Chris thought it was going to be a boy so he was a little disappointed (but now I tease him because on our way to the sono he said "let's go see our little boy"). He probably thought about little boys and sports, but hey, little girls can do sports too! Now he is pretty excited because his mom got us little pink Cubs outfits so... I think she will end up a little Cubs fan!

I am really glad the sonographer was sure it was a girl (the three lines hahaha) because my next sono is in about nine weeks! This pregnancy is not really going by quickly, and they mentioned changing my due date because Raleigh is still measuring small... so they said she'll probably come around the 15th of February. And, if she comes on the 14th, she will share a birthday with my mom.

A girl I work with said she is a week late and she took two tests and they were very faint, so she is going to go to the doctor and get a test. I am really excited to know! She just had a baby about a year ago, so she is going to be a tired momma if she is pregnant again!

As for around the house, not much as changed other that the dog is forgetting her potty training. It is NOT fun! We are also getting the roof done so I don't really enjoy letting her out first thing in the morning all tired and bedheaded. I am really not happy with my appearance because my thighs seem even more enormous (and they have stretch marks) and cellulite... don't wanna go there. I think my face is getting chunkier too! As for my hair, no, I do not have full, shiny hair, in fact I think I am losing hair! I try to think that this is only temporary and it'll bring me the best that life can give you---a baby!

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