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Mali's Pregnancy Journal

Week 23
~ I Love Being Pregnant

The meat (fat) layer is thinning out, as well as the skin on my belly. My hip stretch marks are mostly gone and new ones have arrived right on my derierre (spelling?). How some went away, I don't know. My thigh-buttcheek (it's fading into one blob) is kind of sore, and my theory is excess fat storage. All I do at work is eat, but the job is so miserably stressful, it's all I can do! I am trying to swim a little more often... something I did in the beginning but just got too lazy to do. And no, swimming is not outdoors. I am in the midwest so it's already pretty cold out!

Little Raleigh is getting so strong! Sometimes I can see my belly move a little and I can feel it with my hand, but her daddy has yet to feel her. She always stops when he puts his hand on there, probably because she likes to move while he is glued to the TV so I spend 10 minutes trying to get his attention, but that is the male gender in general.

It seems like as soon as other pregnancy symptoms go away, more take their place. Example: I have never LOVED sleeping as much as I do now, but I cannot do it very well! I'll wake up about 2 or 3 and go for my nightly pee but I cannot get back to sleep. One night, a bowl of Cream of Wheat seemed to work. Other nights giving Chris a back scratch is boring enough to lull me into slumber (if only he knew!). Plus being emotional! I could cry at almost every movie, like the animal planet movie, Fluke, I cried pretty much the whole time I watched it. I never cry at movies!

Overall though, I love being pregnant. At this point, there is something so comforting and inspirational about having a little life inside me. It's starting to get fun too, but I am still holding myself back on a few things, like my birth plan. I have been thinking about a water birth but I really need some more information.

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