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Mali's Pregnancy Journal

Week 24
~ Third Trimester Approaching

I got to do the fun little gestational diabetes test at my last appointment, and they did decide to change my due date to February 15th. It's depressing because I felt like things were finally moving along and then I get set back 11 days! Plus, it throws off my weeks on here... but I am determined to get Raleigh out a little before her due date, because I do not want to be overdue! Also my midwife said labors tend to be hereditary so I think I am in for a long one since my mom had pretty intense contractions for about 3 days, then she went to the hospital to take a sleeping pill and rest and was finally admitted the next day. I am hoping that they will admit me and give pitocin so I'm not in pain for days, but once 35 weeks hits then I am going to start walking and using other methods for bringing on labor... not that I want to have her at 35 weeks but I figured since it will take a few weeks of walking and what not I might as well start a little early.

I can tell the third trimester is approaching because I am starting to get bigger, restless, and my uh, "future milk factory" is leaking some "stuff". I almost wonder if I am too big because everyone is like OHHH AT THIS RATE YOU'LL BE AS BIG AS A HOUSE! but I didn't even start showing until 3-4 weeks ago! I'm just afraid to have an 8 lb-er because my hips are fairly small (the bone part), granted that they may LOOK big but they just have a little insulation for the upcoming winter

My mom wants to get some pictures of me when I am about 8 months and I wouldn't tell her this but it'd be cool to do a Demi Moore pose... but Demi didn't have cellulite or stretch marks. I think she is very excited to be a grandma because she is running around buying things to do her own nursery since all the children are out, and she is buying a crib and already has a good toy collection. It's good that she is doing this because then I know she will be happy to babysit for a weekend or I can stay here for a weekend and not have too many worries... she is even buying her own diaper bags! I'm worried about Chris' side of the family because his dad smokes in the house and doesn't believe in anything modern for pregnancy or childbirth. Like, smoking and drinking while pregnant... his theory is "women did it for centuries and babies were still born" so I don't think I would be too comfortable letting Raleigh stay over there much. And no, Chris doesn't read this or I would not have said ANYTHING!

By the way, to those who have been e-mailing, thank you! Until next week...

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