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Week 25
~ Nesting?

I'll just start off with THIS WEEK HAS BEEN VERY BUSY! I think I have the nesting instinct early on (since I will probably be too enormous later on to do much of anything) because I spent the weekend cleaning the bathroom, kitchen, and living room. I also got some new furniture, which means the ugly black entertainment center salvaged from someone's garbage got put right back in its place, and there is actually a desk for the laptop instead of the floor, coffee table, couch, etc. Chris is also receiving some pressure from me to get the crib together since I constructed our new TV stand straight from the box (I'll be bragging on that one for awhile!). So the place looks pretty good, and now we just have the bedrooms left to clean and the baby's room to furnish.

My mom had a hysterectomy this week, and her OB/GYN is mine as well. She's doing very well, and the doctor even took a picture of the contents--she had a fibroid the size of a cantaloupe, I guess, but still managed to fit in size 0-1 jeans. She stayed in one of the suites that I may be staying in, but I still don't know what hospital to go to. I guess it would be a good idea to at least schedule a few tours soon, but I definitely want to go to a hospital with a deep bath tub. I've heard Illinois doesn't allow hospitals to deliver babies under water, but I want to go as long as I can without an epidural--which probably won't be long!

I need to post some updated pictures on here, but most days I am tired and just want to come home, pig out and put on something big and stretchy. Anyway, I am going to bed shortly, until next week...

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