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Mali's Pregnancy Journal

Week 26
~ Some new "badges of honor"

I am somewhat unhappy to announce the appearance of new stretch marks... on my side. I know it's better than some places, but I am starting to feel like one big stretchmark. I have had ones on my thighs, behind, and chest since I was about 16-18 weeks, but I was not prepared that it will get much worse. The ones I had before are more abundant and I know I am going to get more... so much for coating myself in cocoa butter, but at least I smell good!

My mom and sister are planning the baby shower sometime in mid-January, and I am pretty excited. I am going to get my hair done and I got a new outfit. Speaking of clothes, I have been buying maternity because I can find pretty good sales most of the time, but winter clothes are ridiculous! I went to Kohl's over the weekend and picked up a few sweaters (XL of course!) and I wanted a cute pair of jeans (size 15!) so I got some of those as well. When I went to my dad's in this ensemble, he sort of frowned and said I should be wearing maternity clothes. It's not really wasteful because my hips will be huge after the birth and I will be... bigger. I have a feeling I won't be as lucky as some and lose it all immediately after birth, probably because I eat all day and a lot of weight is in places other than my belly.

The current dilemma is picking a hospital, which I am going to try and get done. Just need one with a tub for labor, supports breastfeeding, not judgemental on unmarried women...busy week ahead!

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