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Week 27
~ Blissfully Uneventful

This week has been pretty good, but the apartment is a mess! This time I won't clean it all by myself though so I am hoping to get Chris to help me out soon.

I realized that I am excited to have this baby in my arms, and that will make the pregnancy go by slow, but I have quite the to-do list to complete first: SUPER cleaning (as in cleaning places where the sun doesn't always shine, like between the stove and fridge. YUCK!), baby shower, washing the baby's clothes, baby furniture, and some other tasks that I would like to have done by labor day(s). I am happy to annouce that I found the perfect carseat at Target this week; it is pink plaid and has my "z" handle, and also fits in the car. So, of course, that is one thing less that I have to do.

The reason I am postponing everything is because . . . well. . . I have to! Unfortunately (and I know this is probably a mistake) I won't be able to do a lot until after the baby shower, which is about 3-4 weeks before she will be here. So I am setting myself up for being really busy and cutting things close, but I didn't want to have the shower too close to Christmas.

Well, that's all for this week. . .

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