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Mali's Pregnancy Journal

Week 28
~ Starting to Realize. . .

I think I am getting an idea of what I am getting into . . . when I have been worrying lately about the 500+ things that could go wrong, I have been thinking about what I will worry about once she is here. With those thoughts, I am probably going to be the most psycho paranoid parent there is out there! I guess there is a lot to worry about now though, so some of it is justified.

I know there are certain things I do not want to expose my precious baby to, such as cigarrette smoke and people who have been drinking . . . which unfortunately is something Chris' side of the family is into. I hope I will be able to let her spend a night over there, but some of the things they do freaks me out! I bit my tongue when they put his three week old nephew to sleep on his belly, and even when Chris' sister smoked while pregnant with him. I know people has survived years while doing now harmful things when pregnant, but I feel kind of pulled in many directions because I do not want to do anything to harm my baby! Then again, I can't really get too worried because his mom and dad raised three healthy kids, but I just don't want to risk too much (or anything, really) with mine.

I am also realizing all the stuff I have put my mom though, and I really must have been a pain to raise! Just small stuff, like making dinner for someone and them not coming home to it . . . ouch . . . I did that a few times! Plus, I was a brat when I was little! It was drama and competition with my sister, and I know everytime my mom touches my belly or even thinks of Raleigh, there HAS to be that infamous wish. . . "Someday, I hope you have children that act just as you did . . ."

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