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Week 30
~ Bundle of . . . Breech?!

So . . . I went to my 30 week sonogram/checkup and the good news: I gained 2 pounds in the last 2 weeks (perfect!), the baby is doing well, and she has a head full of hair (hopefully red)! The bad news: she's breech. I know there is still plenty of time for her to turn, but I was a c-section baby after both grandmas gave 5 vaginal births each and after my mom gave 2 vaginal births. I was a footling breech---one foot up, one foot down---and I am afraid fate may have that in store for me. I was talking to the midwife and she did not seem concerned because about 30-40% of babies are breech at this point. That was no resolution for me though! At least I keep getting sonograms until she turns (if she does). I would be devastated if I did have a c-section though, my birth plan would be ruined!

As a result of the breech news, I have been sitting with frozen veggies on my upper tummy and playing music to my lower tummy. Swimming is supposed to help to, according to some site, but it also suggested head stands, so I am questioning the credibility of the site. Also been reading about c-sections . . . just in case . . . but my mom JUST had a hysterectomy so I am not going to look forward to it if it is in the cards for me!

Other than the whole breech thing, which probably isn't as bad as I see it, this week has been pretty good. I did have a run-in with someone I went to school with, and she seemed friendly about my pregnancy and shared with me that she was two months pregnant. However, when I congratulated her, she said "Yeah, but at least I got married before," so pregnant, unwed women be aware of that . . . that does not seem to happen often, that was the first rude comment I have received. I knew it was coming to me though; you can't go 40 weeks without at least one comment like that! I just shrugged it off and walked away, and I am proud that I am not married because I don't think that pregnancy is a good reason to get married.

Anyway, 7-10 weeks left of pregnancy left! I'll keep you posted on the breech situation!

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