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Week 31
~ Christmas Craze

This has probably been the busiest weekend of my pregnancy! I say this every year, but I really need to do my Christmas shopping earlier. Every city probably has this problem, but it seems that people just come out of their houses (or crawl out from under rocks!) within a 200 mile radius and go shopping. This isn't too stressful, but given that everyone has probably been dealing with stress from traveling or lack of general courtesy, it's battle time! I guess the "Christmas Spirit" is lacking here, but I decided to venture out in the madness and do some much needed Christmas shopping. The mall was, of course, packed, but I only picked up two people's gifts there. They had some awesome sales though, but not really suitable for me. Gift shopping really is tough! I had some good luck at Target, but some woman in the parking lot didn't like the idea that I took the parking spot she had been eyeing. Hey, I was there first! Once inside, it was a merry flood of people! I saw two people dashing for the same item, and a little bit of bumping and shoving. It was chaos, and by 6 p.m. Saturday I was done. By 10, the presents were neatly wrapped and under the stockings, which is the only Christmas decor that is up right now.

I think the whole "mommy brain" is setting in right now, I feel kind of foggy minded. Also, my mood is awful! I have never been this grumpy in my life, or just generally emotional! For example, I don't know who watches Nickelodeon but I got misty eyed when Hey Arnold came on and Mr. Winn was re-united with his daughter. Now, that sounds understandable, but it gets worse: this is ANIMATION and targeted for those in 4-5th grade! I didn't cry then! As for my grumpiness, I keep most of it under wraps but I don't know how much longer that will last since I still have 7-9 weeks left! Note to self: when I am no longer pregnant, I will not comment on other pregnant women unless it is "Wow! You look great!" because I now know how irritating it can be to hear from the same people, every day, "Wow! You're enormous!" I even got a "You're STILL pregnant?" It makes me want to wear a shirt that states 1. Yes, I am big, this is what happens when two people live in one body 2. My due date is Feb. 15, 2006 I will still be pregnant around then 3. Weight gain happens, ask your average woman how much she gained with her first, and it is not always 25-35 lbs. See? I am a grouch! I do confess that I play this off with a smile, while secretly gritting my teeth.

My sono is tomorrow, and I hope the baby is head down, sunny side down, and not planning on rearranging herself too much. Then again, I am not as worried about it, because I have done some reading on c-sections and I am coming to terms that if she is not born vaginally, the pain will pass and hopefully a happy, healthy baby will result. I am also going to ask them to guess her birth weight again, and hopefully they will want to do another sono at 36 weeks so I can keep adding to the baby book I have! Anyway, this has been a pretty crazy week, and I need to get today over with . . . I will update you on the position next week!

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