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Week 32
~ Merry Christmas!

Raleigh is currently transverse, and they think she is going to turn! I have another sono at 35 weeks and if she is not head down by then, I will have a few options: wait, the version, or c-section. I have done some research on the version and have some mixed feelings on it, and I am coming to terms with the possible c-section. Overall, my doctor's appointment was good, but leaving there was things went down hill a little bit. I was walking to my car and there was that unmistakable white piece of paper: a parking ticket. Which, really, isn't a big expense, but the location of my doctor's office is like a little downtown Chicago, so you have very very few 30 minute paking spaces or you pay to park. Well, the 30 minute ones are right outside my doctor's office and most of the time isn't a prime spot for a ticket but it must have been my lucky day. So now on, I will either risk another ticket or walk about a block . . . and I need the exercise!

Coming home from the doctor's office wasn't too fun either. I walked in the door to find the dog out of her kennel and things shredded all over the place. Raleigh's notebook (I've been writing to her) was torn up, and at that point my hormones got control and I just cried awhile. That was sentimental! Luckily, from what I have been thumbing through it looks like the writing is still intact and I will just have to copy it into a new book. Ava (the dog) also managed to relieve herself a few times too, so that was the final straw. I called into work and put her back in her cage, secured it, and off I was to do a little recovery shopping. I got a baby gate for her so maybe she wouldn't want to get out of her cage, some carpet cleaner, and to top it off two king size pillows (to go with the new king size bed, YEAH!). I will admit the pillows weren't a necessity, but coming home to the mess was traumatic! Calling into work was not responsible either, but I need the day to clean.

So it was a crazy start, but week 32 flew by with Christmas! I am also happy to announce that by the end of the week, I have a changing table, rocking chair, and dresser for the baby! All I need furniture-wise now is the bassinet, and we are going to get that for the baby shower (we're borrowing my cousin's). The good news: lots checked off my to-do list! I had a great Christmas, and I hope everyone else did too!

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