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Mali's Pregnancy Journal

Week 33
~ In Firing Position!

The baby turned! Definitely the highlight of the week, and even though she could still turn back I am going to assume she is very comfortable and will not change positions. She can come out anytime after 37 weeks and that'll be fine with me! I just want a healthy baby, but 37 is full term so I am going to start walking more to get her a little lower and maybe some thinning out down there too.

I had a nesting surge for one day this week, and I finished assembling the baby's dresser, sorted out everything, and washed all clothing and blankets. I still have 2 baby showers (one is at the very end of January, cutting it close!) to get through though, so I figured I could do some stuff in there. Every other room needs its cleaning, but the baby's room sounded a lot more fun than the others, so I spent all day in there.

The computer cord still remains chewed off, so I am doing these entries at work. I like it this way though, but does make my break fly by! I am getting my hours cut soon (I'll be 34 weeks and 5 days!) so I will get to sleep in a little. The downside is that everyone wants the prime hours (9-2 ish) and that wouldn't be fair to give me those hours, so I will be working 1-7. I am also the only part timer in my department, so it'll be something different. I am hoping it'll bring my crankiness down a little bit, but I haven't been as bad the last few weeks. Nice time of year to be grumpy!

I am trying to keep myself occupied so the remainder of my pregnancy flies by, but not so sure that'll happen!. I need to make an appointment with a college counselor since I am going to school in the fall and see if they have childcare on campus. Some of the community colleges do around here so it's worth looking into.

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