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Mali's Pregnancy Journal

Weeks 35 & 36
~ Baby Showers!

So, I have been a little behind due to not fixing the laptop. It really is a waste of money now too, considering that a hefty portion of the cable bill is dedicated to the laptop.

My baby shower from my mother went great! I didn't have a lot of people since my dad's side had to be excluded, but the gifts were wayyy more than I expected! Let's just say Raleigh will have more clothes than she will probably be able to wear for awhile. I got a lot of newborn diapers that go up to 10 lbs, so I might have to exchange them for a bigger size since I have a feeling that she won't be a dinky little baby. Everything was wonderful, the only thing I did not like too much was opening stuff with everybody watching because I worry that I don't get excited enough to satisfy people but it was no biggie.

The work baby shower/potluck was also over my expectations! I got so much stuff and so much food! Unfortunately, I was not having a great morning so I was not in the best mood, so my anxiety of not seeming grateful enough kicked in. Two baby showers down, two to go.

My last two doctor's appointments brought some good news: I lost a pound and haven't gained it back! I think it balances out the six pounds I gained over Christmas, and I am definately not starving myself. My cervix is closed up, but very soft, and I asked my midwife what I can do to aid in the process, as I would like the baby out in week 38 or 39, and she said lots of activity and lots of sex! As much as I like to keep personal things to myself, I just gotta say that sex is not a demand for Chris or me. I guess you gotta do what you gotta do though.

My second doctor appointment brought about some kind of bad news: Group B Strep positive. Kind of depressing since I didn't want to be strapped up to an IV the whole labor process, and what if my water breaks at home? Will that affect the baby? I guess I better ask to be safe on my next appointment. Also, for those who research pregnancy, don't leave out the testing process of Group B Strep. I knew you got swabbed one place, but I did not know about the whole rectal deal until it was done and over with. I know, personal info, but I was up on the table all relaxed thinking I was done, then THUNK! Well, not quite, but it was a surprise.

Anyway, I am feeling ready to pop. I am going to take these next few weeks easy and keep it fun! There's going to be a baby soon!

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