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Week 37
~ Getting Cloose

Hopefully, I will only have one more week to post (not that I don't like doing this) and I am starting to feel like labor is approaching. For one thing, I never used to feel Braxton-Hicks a lot, maybe a few times a day, and now I probably get them 2-3 times an hour. This has been going on for a few days and a lot of people felt them more about a week before delivery. Raleigh can come out anytime she wants now! I have had a really easy pregnancy, but these last few weeks are not much fun---I think my tail bone is about to fall off and I am tired and can't stay asleep more than a few hours. It's really nothing compared to what most women go through, but I am really excited to meet my beautiful baby and kiss those little hands and feet!

I go see my doctor on Tuesday, and I will be 38 weeks on Wednesday, so I think I am going to beg for a membrane sweep or something to get this stuff going! Superbowl Sunday is coming up, and how funny that would be to go into labor then---I would be dragging all the men out to the hospital and away from the TV! It's a little sad that my due date was changed from February 4 to February 15 because I would be 39 weeks today. I think she will come closer to the original though, at least I am hoping.

At this point, all my milestones have been reached, all my pre-baby showers are done with, and I am watching for "show" like an excited kid on Christmas. Really, any labor-approaching sign would be nice. She has dropped, but I am talking a labor sign that will tell me she is coming VERY soon. I guess the increase in Braxton Hicks is somewhat of one (I have had two typing this!) but until they tell me stuff is opening up down there, I probably won't be satisfied.

Stepdad and I at Christmas, what a sport!
Mali and Stepdad

Smiling at the baby shower on January 14

Mom's favorite!

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