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Week 38
~ Eviction notice!

Ok, I realize the heading "eviction notice" is a wee bit unsettling for some, especially at this point. The notice is not for anyone who pays rent though . . . my doctor set an induction date! It is February 14th at 5:00 a.m. and no, I did not pick the date. It was offered so I took it. And I know I had written a lot about a natural labor and birth so it kind of goes against everything, but at this point it is very tempting considering that my original due date was February 4 and was moved to February 15. Also, since my labor would be bed bound with an IV because of the GBS positive ordeal I figured that pretty much shoots my whole "labor at home for a while and once at the hospital sit in the tub or do whatever else feels good" plan down the drain. And yes, induction is probably leading to an epidural, but we will see how that goes. I won't be too disappointed if I need one, but I knew for a long time that sometime in my life, I want to give birth naturally. Since it probably will not be a natural ordeal for the first baby, then at least I will have gotten a taste of what to expect later on down the road.

Anyway, all my milestones are complete: I'm on the last bottle of prenatal vitamins, received the last medical card, had the last baby shower (before the baby is born!) and as of today, have entered my last week of pregnancy. When I am sitting really still and if I think about it awhile, I would get all choked up. Then I just move and I feel how bad my tail bone hurts and want it all over with! I am really excited to be out of maternity and to get back in shape, but I am just . . . unexplainably thrilled to be someone's mommy. Already I feel unconditional love for a little stranger, but I really dread that the week will pass slow. It's also weird to think that I am down to single digit days until this is over.

My possible (and hopefully) last doctor's appointment was earlier today. The baby had dropped a lot more from last week which explains this tailbone pain (hint for anyone else who endures this: Boppy pillows are wonderful!) and my cervix is thinner and softer, but not dilated. Boo. I am almost wondering if recent events have thinned it out, because I have been feeling crampy and having a lot of contractions. I haven't been in pain really, but I do confess that I have been having moments in the past 24 hours when I don't want to move or smile. Only time can tell, but I really don't have any "feelings" and the doctor said I have a 50/50 chance of going into labor before 2/14 so I am interpreting that as a general statement to not get my hopes up.

Anyway, I will write again in late week 39 if I make it, which I am sure I will!

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