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Mali's Pregnancy Journal

Week 39 ~ February 12, 2006
~ Final hours

Finally, everything is coming to an end. I have my last doctor visit tomorrow (with the baby inside anyway!) and tonight is probably the last night I plan on getting lots of sleep. I would love to be able to sleep but I have to be at the hospital at 5 on Tuesday, February 14, which means I would be up at like 3 plus I will be all excited, so I plan on resting all day tomorrow. If I were to dwell on it, I'd probably get a little weepy when I think about the whole pregnancy . . . and how she moves for me inside. I can't wait to hold her and kiss every little finger though!

Also, for the first time I actually feel a little nervous about the labor pain. I mean, in less that 48 hours I will be in what most describe as the worst pain ever. I know that the pain will also give me the absolute best thing that life can give, but I don't feel too confident about handling it anymore. And I definitely don't want any IV drugs (like demerol) because I don't want to feel drugged when she arrives. There really is only one way to go at this point and it leads right to labor! I will be happy to start getting my body back (or what's left of MINE!) and to start sleeping on my tummy again.

So I guess there is not much left to say, this is my last journal update while pregnant unless the induction does not work, but I think they are sure that I will have a baby very soon! Next update will be the birth story!

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