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Marisa's Pregnancy Journal

Marisa's Wedding Day StorkNet is very pleased to bring you Marisa's pregnancy journal.

Marisa (25), and her husband, Jeremiah, have been married for over a year but together for a long time. Marisa is a high school English teacher, and Jeremiah is a police officer. They were very excited to be expecting their first baby, Sophia Aurora, who made her dramatic appearance a week overdue via stat c-section on July 23, 2008.

Join Marisa as she takes us week by week through her pregnancy.

Marisa's Journal Entries

Meet Marisa

Week 17
All seven dwarves in one . . . especially Sleepy and Sneezy

Week 18
Logistics of baby-having = a test of anxiety management

Week 19
Short entry, but plenty of excitement!

Week 20
A low-lying HUH? No more WHAT?

Week 21
Mind your own coffee . . .

Week 22
Honey, I Need a Butt Massage

Week 23
Moving Toward an "Outie"

Week 24/25
Time Flies When You're Busy and Uncomfortable

Week 26
AC: $400. Livability while pregnant: Priceless

Week 27
The stretch mark milestone

Week 28
Stubborn Placenta

Week 29
Unfunny Ribbing

Weeks 30, 31 & 32
Overwhelmed . . .

Week 33
Exhausted, with a fine placenta

Week 34
Itchy all over, reeking of IcyHot

Week 35
Shouldn't you be sitting down?

Week 36
Baby Shower Porn

Week 37
Nothing New . . . Just Huge

Week 38
"No dilation, no dilation at all."

Week 39
Is there a part of you that hasn't gotten bigger?

Week 40
Uneventful D-Day

Week 41 & Birth Story
Welcome Sophia Aurora!

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