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~ Meet Marisa

Marisa's Wedding DayMy name is Marisa (pronounced like it rhymes with "Lisa"). I'm 25 years old, and I've been married to my hubby Jeremiah for just over a year, although we've been together for a long time. We went to elementary and middle school together, and after going to different high schools we reconnected in college. I teach high school English, and he is a police officer. This will be our first child, the first grandchild for our parents (who still say they're too young for this title), and on my mom's side the first great-GREAT-grandchild! Lots of excitement.

We got to talking about when we'd actually "try" for kids soon after we got married (or maybe before- who can remember? certainly not me anymore!), but we were thinking it would be further down the road, maybe in three or four years. After talking more, I decided I'd rather be "done" by my early 30s, and if we're thinking of having more than one we should think in the next two years. Then, after doing much math and looking over traditional school year calendars, I thought it would be great to get as much time with the baby as possible, and tack my maternity leave onto summer vacation. Well . . . that narrows the window a bit in terms of when to try to conceive, and if it doesn't work one year, and then the next, the whole plan is thrown off anyway. After more talk, we couldn't think of more reasons to wait, especially if we were actually shooting for the summer-baby plan.

So . . . in late August 2007 we started trying, and by October I was trying to hide as I threw up in the back of my classroom during first period.

I feel a little silly saying this, but my new hobby is watching TV. I used to read for fun, but now between grading papers, responding to emails, and reading articles/pregnancy magazines, reading (thinking, really) is the last thing on my list. So I veg out. In fact, I think this is what prevents me from cooking healthy meals most of the time too; I actually enjoy cooking and baking, but the sheer thought involved in putting together a balanced grocery list is daunting by the end of my workday, especially if I have done a much-needed load of laundry or brushed my teeth on top of it.

Jeremiah is supportive and cooks when he can, but really I just want to feel human again. For that, and for the many positive reasons that I might neglect to mention at times, I can't wait for July!

~ Marisa

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