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Week 17
~ All seven dwarves in one . . . especially Sleepy and Sneezy

Week 17 was pretty much like week 16, and week 15, so I'm not going to start too far back. This second trimester hasn't felt as "energetic" as I was hoping it would. I didn't think it would be magic, and that I'd wake up one midtrimester morning with my old energy reinstated and actually make it to the gym after work. I just thought maybe I would have the energy to wash my face in the morning.

It's better, but other issues have crept in. My mother chuckles knowingly when I mention these, a mother of three watching her daughter finally get her comeuppance after years of tension between the two. Or at least, that's why I imagine she chuckles. "Just wait," she says. "That's nothing."

Well, it might be nothing in The Scheme of Things, but it's frustrating in the Now. Tonight, for example, was the first night in months that I feel like I ate enough. I have gained about 10 pounds so far (added to the 15 I already put on since we got married . . . needless to say I hardly resemble that bride in the photo right now), which is fine, but almost none in the last couple of months. I have simply not had the stomach capacity to eat more than a snack-sized serving at a time. I take my prenatals religiously, but it as often chases mini marshmallows as it does fruit. Add to the mix my back pain, mild heartburn, and constant sneezing (am I the only one who has this quirky symptom??) and I just want to be left alone on the couch.

I feel like I am already failing as a parent (who would feed their baby marshmallows?), a wife (I'm sure Jeremiah never intended to do almost every necessary chore in the house), and a professional (I have often had to nap in my car on my lunch breaks). Take that, Mama. That's something.

Mostly right now, though, I'd really like to start feeling this baby move! We've called it the SeaMonkey, since that's about the size it was when we first found out it existed. I'm sure I'll be eating my words when its little feet cram their way up into my ribcage and all that, but for now I'd like the SeaMonkey to let me know it's all worth it, and that there really is this creature we've seen so vaguely silhouetted in the first ultrasounds spinning around in there.

All in all, I know this has been a relatively easy pregnancy so far, and I know it will be more difficult at certain (many) points. But for now it is hard to waddle around on already swollen feet for an entire school day, stumbling through the "Is she fat or pregnant?" stage with half a brain, as my sinuses try to sneeze the other half a brain out.

~ Marisa

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