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Week 19
~ Short entry, but plenty of excitement!

UltrasoundLots of excitement this week . . . I first felt movement notably different from gassy gurgles! It feels like little dull thuds, like someone tapping me gently on the inside. I feel them most in the morning and afternoon, unless I'm moving too much.

The other major thing was that we had our ultrasound on Thursday, and the technician's educated guess is that it's a GIRL! I was actually incredibly surprised. Jeremiah's been completely convinced it's going to be a boy; his dad had two boys, and his grandpa had two boys as well. Plus, I took one of those Intelligender tests (a Christmas gift I requested) that said it would be a boy.

At the ultrasound, there were no clear "boy" parts to be seen, but it is still just an educated guess. The three clear lines that would indicate "girl" parts (labia) might be present, but I don't think they're definitive. (See the picture of our baby's bottom!)

So . . . we'll be saving receipts for now. I'm excited to allow myself to think seriously about girl names. I am also going to think of it as a girl for now because it helps me feel connected and "talk" to the baby.

~ Marisa

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