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Week 22
~ Honey, I Need a Butt Massage

This week has been long and stressful because of all the concerns at work, but not really bad in general. I got my layoff notice (not a done deal, but a real possibility) in certified mail on Saturday.

We picked out a crib and tall dresser to "match" (sort of) a dresser I already had that my grandmother got me when I was a child. We also got the paint for the room, so we are getting started on that project this week when I have Spring Break. We're doing a very light blue, even though it may likely be a girl. My dad read an article when I was in utero about how babies with blue or yellow rooms were happier and had higher IQs . . . something to do with changing the spectrum of light typically in light bulbs. I'm assuming there was no way my mom would have bought into the idea of having a yellow room anywhere in the house if she could help it, so blue it was for us when we were babies. I grew up really liking the color, enough to request that Daddy paint the room every time we moved if our landlords allowed it. So, regardless of whether that article still applies (mom gave me a copy), we're painting the room light blue and putting up sun, clouds, and rainbow wall decorations also from my childhood walls. (It's easy to match with, too;everything in primary colors goes with it.)

I still haven't done any registries. I have put together lists of things and the places I found them (Babies R Us and Target, to keep it simple) so that when I do register coming up here, it won't take so much time and effort.

I am so looking forward to this break! I wanted to haul my big self to the beach right away, but there was supposed to be a storm here all weekend, and my sister went out of town so I have had no one to go with since. Phooey. I got maternity bottoms and an extra large top (instead of the maternity tankinis) from Old Navy, and I was all excited to lay out since I haven't been in the sun for a whole season. It will have to wait --sigh--

The other thing is a pain that started as occasional nuisance after days of standing or walking too much. It started in my left butt cheek, and then became a lower back pain. Then I had a terrible shooting pain just below the inside of my left ankle, which seemed to also be aggravated by moving, but I didn't associate the two pains. By the end of this week, I could barely limp around the house, even when I hadn't been standing at all that day. I got a coupon in the mail for a nearby massage place (half price for a 50 minute massage!), and I used it. The lady said that is my sciatic nerve, and after looking it up, sciatica also explains the pain-without-injury in my ankle/foot area too. So, at least I know what it is, but there's not much I can do about it. I'm trying to stay off it as much as I can during this vacation time, but there are still things that need to get done that I hobble on my other leg for. I did my best to help Jeremiah paint the first coat, and I managed to vacuum, but after laying down with heat on it, it is just more sore to the touch, and doesn't hurt any less to walk on.

Even with the pain, I'm feeling more human than I have in some time. I'm not excessively tired. I finally had my dentist appointment to get my teeth cleaned. I'm getting laundry done. My feet are less swollen without having to stand most of the day. And one of these days I'll get to the beach.

~ Marisa

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