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Week 23
~ Moving Toward an "Outie"

Marissa The pain in my butt/lower back was finally bad enough that I went in to see a primary care doctor, who said it looks more like a badly strained muscle group than sciatica. This is a little frustrating because it means there is nothing I can do besides rest and ice (with sciatica they might have given me a referral to a chiropractor). I tried taking the Tylenol with Codeine they prescribed, but after 2 doses the only noticeable difference was that I was a little nauseous all the time (felt like morning sickness again!). I'm getting frustrated because I wanted to take walks and go to the gym more on my Spring Break, and instead I had to try to keep off my feet.

Baby has been kicking more all over, including on my bladder sometimes, which always catches me off guard. She tends to stop moving if I push on the place where she's kicking, so sometimes I end up pushing on my own bladder, just to get her to stop. I can see my belly bounce sometimes with her movements, too, although they'd still be hard to feel on the outside. Jeremiah still hasn't really been able to feel one yet, but he continues to point out that my belly button is getting shallower, which he seems to get a kick out of.

I have been thinking hard about my job situation, and the truth is that if I were making half as much as I am now at a part-time job, we'd still be bringing in the same amount because Jeremiah's about to get a raise for time on the job. I'm already on his benefits, so maybe these layoffs are a sign that it's a good time for me to change jobs, either for a more flexible or lessened schedule. I'm not sure yet, but in any case I'm thinking I'll take a full month of leave at the end of the school year, since it's available to me, and it might not be available with a different job.

~ Marisa

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