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Week 26
~ AC: $400. Livability while pregnant: Priceless

We found out our crib and dresser won't be getting here until the end of April, which just makes me glad we ordered it when we did. Even though the baby won't use it right away, I'm sure no one's going to feel like assembling furniture, of all things, after the baby's here. So the baby's room is on hold a little longer.

With how much this baby moves and kicks, I feel like I should be more connected to it. People always talk to me like feeling it move was just the best feeling ever, and that that point was when it really felt "real" to them. It feels real to me . . . like I have a real something moving in my belly, and that's pretty much it. It's a weird detachment that makes me feel guilty. I like watching my belly bounce, even though sometimes it's an uncomfortable feeling, but I just feel like I should be more connected. I know that's silly, too, and that each person will experience each pregnancy differently, but still.

My lower back/butt pain is better. Now it's mostly just a sore lower back, along with all my other little sore spots (feet, shoulders and head mostly). But I still end up missing work randomly, for colds and pains. I don't like coming back after missing a day because everybody wants to know what's going on, why I missed yesterday AND a day two weeks ago, etc. And then my students act like they're surprised to see me for the rest of the week, and sometimes the week after that! It's funny, you can have a sub twice in a month, and they start to hope for a sub. Even if I'm there every day for the next month, if I miss another day we go right back into that mode. It's ridiculous.

I have read a lot of articles about the ingredients in Dayquil, and I've decided to take it if I need to, since it has always seemed to be one of the few OTC meds that actually helps me.

I had to go buy another new bra, which I've decided will be the last one I buy that isn't a nursing bra. It's actually the same size as 2 I've already bought over the course of the pregnancy (size 38UB- Uncomfortably Big!), but without underwire. I just hadn't started doing my homework yet about kinds of nursing bras, when to buy them, how to size them for engorgement, etc., but I'll have to do that soon.

We have already started feeling the heat of the Summer here, even though it's Spring and is supposed to go back to cooler temperatures later this week. It got over 90 this weekend, and I found myself a little envious of folks in other parts of the country who got a snowstorm instead of wickedly-hot temperatures with low humidity. We started using the two AC units we bought last summer (we don't have central air, and we rent), and are already realizing that the baby's room really gets very little cooling effect based on where we have them placed. We're thinking about making an investment in a bigger unit with enough BTUs to at least cool the entire middle of the house . . . probably somewhere between $400-500, which is a LOT right now! We need a new mattress ourselves at some point in the not-so-distant future, and Jeremiah keeps hoping we can get bigger TV with HD (not urgent, obviously), but both of those will be put on hold until we figure out what our financial situation will look like in the Fall. Making our house livable for me and baby over through the summer IS a priority, though. It's nice living near beach, mountains, desert . . . everything is nearby, but we forget sometimes that technically we're living IN a desert, just tempered by the coast a bit. I hope we have the cool in store for at least a little while longer!

~ Marisa

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