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Week 27
~ The stretch mark milestone

April 17Our crib finally came . . . but in the meantime I've started storing things (clean bins of unfolded laundry here, unhung pictures there) around the baby's room, so now I have a bunch of stuff to go through and clean out before we can set up. It's amazing how we can keep running out of space to put things even as we continue to give away furniture and clothes each time I "go through" more of the house. Jeremiah would blame me if you asked him, but that's just because his stuff is more "garage" stuff and occasionally takes over out there, whereas mine is always in our living space.

We're still going round and round on the money/job/part-time vs full-time conversations, but I've decided that not much can be settle on until the baby's been here for awhile and I get a better sense of how much time I need to/want to be at home.

The baby shower is now on the brains of our mothers, and somehow the stress still gets passed along to me even though I'm not organizing it. Guest list, food/color schemes/date approvals . . . it all still trickles down to me. I keep telling them it's fine, I'm fine with whatever, sounds great, but there's always something. It's two months off and it already feels crazy. I also don't have a lot of female friends, so it's going to be a weird, motley assortment of friends' significant others, family, and family friends. At least I could drink at my bridal shower. This is going to be tough for me to feel comfortable with.

Jeremiah is still trying to toilet train the cats, and the cats are still being finicky and uncooperative. With each centimeter my belly grows, my patience seems to shrink in general, for all things, certainly for cat poop in my shower. He bought some gloves for me to wear in case I'm by myself for an extended period of time and have to deal with kitty messes, but I hope to be as little involved as possible. I stopped changing the litter when I found out I was pregnant for the risk of toxoplasmosis, but we do have indoor-only cats so the risk of them having it is lower. Still, it was not my idea to use already-stressful this time for toilet training. It is a messy, slow process.

The biggest things recently though . . . stretch marks. Just a few for now, and they're light for now too, but they are there for certain. They're on the underside of my belly, so neither of us noticed them right away. I itched a little under my belly, and I got a mirror out and lo and behold, it looked like I'd just taken off some major elastic waistbands. I have been using Elastin3 trying to prevent them, but nothing is magic. Hopefully it is not a total waste and is at least keeping them minimal compared to what they could be.

We have our next ultrasound on Tuesday, so we're hoping the placenta has migrated into a better place, and that the echogenic focus has resolved itself. And maybe more pics! Always nice to be reassured by "looking" at the baby.

~ Marisa

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