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Week 28
~ Stubborn Placenta

We had our ultrasound and doctor appointment, and it turns out the placenta is still low-lying. I'm also (maybe TMI…sorry!) having some darker discharge that looks like the lightest kind of spotting, so I'm planning on taking off work starting in about a month. I will still have some work to do from home for a program I'm in to clear my credential, plus I'll have to work closely with my sub, but it's still a lot less physical and emotional stress.

I'm realizing that people want to hear a more technical term than "low-lying." Maybe they think I'm just making up words to describe it??? I don't know. They'll often ask if that's placenta previa, and I'll say not quite, and they'll say, what is it then? Then I have to explain in more detail than they probably cared for in the first place. I wish they'd just give it another name, for goodness sake . . . something that sounds so icky it halts any further questioning and just evokes pure empathy from the listener, like "placenta orizzontale" or "placenta sluit." Let them wonder quietly, or go home and Google it.

Stretch marks still in full swing. I'm trying a new lotion, since the other one wasn't working well enough even after using it since January. Moving from Elastin3 to Trilastin. I'll let you know if it works over the next couple of months.

My most severe pain lately has actually been my ribcage, which must be getting larger. (Baby is pretty big for 28 weeks . . . almost 3 lbs.) After getting remeasured, though, I thought I was wearing the right bra size and yet it still hurt on my ribs between my boobs. I finally got a bra with no underwire, so we'll see if that helps as we go through the week. I do look pretty funny with icepacks between my boobs and on my back. I look like I can't make up my mind where it hurts.

As I struggle to wrap up various loose ends at work, it's difficult to enjoy the pregnancy thoroughly. I'm glad to take the extra time off starting at 32 weeks so that I can get a few weeks (hopefully) of more physical enjoyment than resentment. I hate thinking of my baby, something I wanted very much in my life, as a hindrance and a pain day in and day out.

~ Marisa

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