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Week 29 ~ May 5, 2008
~ Unfunny Ribbing

I bought my first nursing bra and tank top. It is actually the most comfortable bra I have right now with my ribs continuing to expand, and the warm weather makes the tank indispensable on the weekends . . . now I'm afraid I'll wear them out before the baby even gets here. I had bought two tanks, but the white one looks funny because you can see all the extra material bunching in places underneath, not to mention nipple silhouettes if that lining material slips to the side a little. The black one is good though. I'm hoping I get gift certificates to Bravado so I can afford to try those!

I have to say, the weirdest part of my first shopping experience buying nursing-type products was that one of my boobs leaked a tiny, tiny amount while I was between garments in the dressing room. It didn't get on any clothes, but it really caught me off guard (I was already exhausted from my search to find a 38DD non-sports nursing bra without underwire in Target). Luckily I was pretty much done in there, but I would have stopped anyway. And then, of course, my mind went straight to . . . how many women have really leaked on these clothes (maybe unknowingly) while trying them on, and not stopped? Ew.

That's the only time I've noticed leakage, really, but my ribs are starting to hurt so bad in the front and back that it makes me feel a bit sick. In fact, I'm staying home from work today because when I woke up the pain was making me nauseous. It feels a bit better after sitting up for awhile, but I basically feel like I got punched repeatedly in the ribs just above my baby. I feel bad taking a sick day when I'm already scheduled to take off starting in two weeks, but then again, I know I'm lucky to have a job where I even get half pay for my sick leave, and I should feel comfortable when I need to use it. I'm torn.

That scheduled sick leave is actually just making more work for me at the moment anyway. It's not an easy thing, handling the logistics of a sub taking over a classroom for a month, especially an important month--the last month; I'm having to write out instructions for many things, even though I'm leaving day-to-day planning to the incoming substitute (how does she get log-on access to our computers, can she job-share in the system for attendance/grades, how to handle parent communication, etc). There is also a ton of grading and work I have to bump up to this week in order to be able to walk away without taking home (much) grading on the 19th. So, it's just a lot up front and I feel disorganized, which makes me anxious . . . which in turn, makes pain like this rib thing worse.

Doing my kick counts has started to be an ongoing joke between my husband and me because the baby's been so active. Yesterday it felt like it was moshing against my right side. I picture her with tiny shoulders shrugged and raised, getting a running start against my left side, and slamming her body against my right. Even though it's terribly uncomfortable, I worry about a day it might stop or lessen.

~ Marisa

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