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Week 33
~ Exhausted, with a fine placenta

One of the vice principals at our school called me on Memorial day at 2 in the afternoon, asking about a student's grade because a concerned parent had called her the Friday before. The student had dropped to a B+, and according to the parent it was "imperative" that she bring it back up to an A. (Well, then she should get As on her quizzes and always have her textbook…) This was not a relaxing way to start the week or to enjoy a holiday, and shouldn't the VP be taking a holiday too? It is definitely not in my contract to work on Memorial Day, even though I've taken grading home over countless holidays. That's still different than getting calls at my home.

On Wednesday we had another ultrasound, and . . . yay! The placenta looks like it is no longer in the "low-lying" range. So at least that was some good news, and hopefully I won't need any more ultrasounds for awhile. My husband was going to drop me off at the front of the building so I didn't have to walk as far, and I suddenly realized I had no idea where I was supposed to go (it's in a different building than our CNM's office), despite having been there numerous times already. Jeremiah looked at me like I was nuts, but having to pee so badly each time we went left me dependent on him to get me there, with no idea how to get there myself.

Thursday and Friday were all about preparing for this major "exit interview" for the program through which I'm clearing my credential, and somehow I did attend everything I intended to this weekend. We went to a wedding in the mountains on Saturday, which was ok but I am not much fun at those things right now, too big and uncomfortable to dance and too sober to forget that I'm big and uncomfortable. Then, pretending that I'm not that big, uncomfortable person from Saturday's wedding, we went to Disneyland with my family Sunday and Monday. I won't even describe what my swollen feet looked like at the end of the day. It's a good thing they pipe in music all over the parks because the beat was the only thing that kept my body going sometimes. But, despite all that, we had fun and I was glad I went. Monday we were only there a partial day because I had to be back by 5:30 for that interview thing, which went fine.

The baby continues to kick a lot, so hard sometimes it knocks me off balance a bit, and it often hurts. Jeremiah has started to play with her and kiss her through my belly since her movements have made it clear there is a little human in there, so it's a trade off that's worth it!

~ Marisa

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