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Week 34
~ Itchy all over, reeking of IcyHot

My husband and I took a "babymoon" (a trendy name for a last-minute attempt to get a vacation squeezed in!) to Rancho Mirage. It's their off season, so we got a good rental price on a one-bedroom unit at a country club (fancy shmancy for us! Our back door opened onto a golf course!) We went up Wednesday, and came back Friday. When we went up there, there was a huge windstorm blowing sand all over the place. It was so dense it was like driving in fog. We native San Diegans had never seen anything like it, with 40 mph winds helping the sand attack us! I did surprisingly well on the drive up and back, and I kept pretty well hydrated while we were there. We did some walking around each day, too, so I got exercise. The morning after the sandstorm, we could see debris all over the place, and there was a ton of dirt and branches in the pool & Jacuzzi . . . things I'd been so looking forward to! There is a hotel near where we were that we had stayed at awhile back with my parents, and Jeremiah said he bet they were on top of getting their pools cleaned right away (unlike this country club). It occurred to me he was probably right, so we drove over to that resort and . . . well, they've installed more security than the last time we were there, but we managed to get into their newly-renovated pool area that includes a "lazy river" going around in a circle with inner tubes and a "beach" area that has sand right up to the water's edge! So we got our relaxing hour in the pool despite the sand trying to ruin it for us.

More directly on the pregnancy front, I have had what I think is the PUPPP rash people describe, or something like it (apparently there are a couple that are similar). It started as some small itchy bumps on my stretchmarks, and over only about 3 days it spread to my sides, a little on my thighs, and on my forearms. It isn't too red (yet?), unless I've been scratching it, but nothing seems to help except cold things. When I Googled it I read someone's post saying that IcyHot worked for her, and it seems to help with mine, although I am getting really sick of the smell! It reminds me of being given PeptoBismol as a child when I was sick. I have avoided Hydrocortisone through the pregnancy, but I'm starting to use the regular over-the-counter ones to try to keep it from spreading more.

I was reeeely itchy, so I went to the doctor (afterhours care . . . you get a random doctor) on Friday to make sure it wasn't anything more serious. This doctor was convinced it was contact dermatitis from whatever I was using for stretchmarks. I asked him about PUPPP, and he just shook his head and said again it was contact dermatitis. (The nurse on the way out suggested I still see my OB/GYN doctor about it, and I am tomorrow . . . doesn't leave me with much faith in the guy I saw on Friday.) I don't think he's right; he said it's on my forearms and upper thighs because they touch my belly, but why isn't it on the palms of my hands, then? And now, two days later, it's spread further all the way down the front of my thighs, which have never touched my belly, obviously. I get really frustrated when doctors don't seem to make sense, and I start Googling things until I feel better about it.

Distracting myself by making diagnoses via Google is the next best thing to IcyHot right now.

So . . . based on pictures and descriptions, I think it's something like PUPPP, but maybe not PUPPP itself since they look more like flea bites than red welts. There's another one called Prurigo gestationis "which appears as many tiny bumps that look like bug bites, usually on the hands, feet, arms and legs, although they can develop anywhere on the body. Prurigo of pregnancy can occur any time during your pregnancy, but it is more common during the second half and affects about 1 in 300 pregnant women. Although there is no cure for the condition, the itching can be relieved with topical cortisone or antihistamines and the rash usually resolves soon after delivery" (from a Parenting Weekly article).

Other than the rash, everything else has been the same; swollen feet, swollen fingers, swollen face, and a very active baby beating me up all day.

~ Marisa

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