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Week 37
~ Nothing New . . . Just Huge

Marisa - almost 38 weeksI haven't been itching to write this entry because when there is nothing new, I feel like I'm making no progress toward the "end," and I am definitely ready to reach that endpoint. (Technically my weeks go Thursday to Thursday, and then I try to write my entries over the following weekend. Sometimes I just write whatever's going on, even if it's technically at the start of the next week. So the picture of me I'm posting is my huge silhouette as of today, closing in on week 38.)

My mother-in-law keeps asking me to tell her when I'm "nesting," but I would have no idea. The excitement of preparations combined with constant ups and downs in energy make me a big mess, and I have no idea what nesting would look like, since I've been doing that in little bits recently anyway. We are just about ready, minus a few small things (sheets for the cosleeper, mattress for the crib . . . I think that's it) and then a short list of things I'm pretty sure I'll want to get soon after the baby's arrival (breast pump, etc.). I finished packing my hospital bag today, finished another tiny load of laundry, set up the diaper area, put together the mobile . . . it sounds like a lot, but I'd really started all those things weeks ago, so this was just finishing them. Not actually that much work.

One of our cats has started sleeping across my belly or on my body pillow right next to me. This cat has shown a consistent preference for Jeremiah's lap for the last 6 years (even though he started out as, technically, my cat), so this sudden insistence that he be on my body is really odd. I keep hoping this means I'm warmer or something . . . something that might indicate an impending labor.

My mother thinks it is pretty much nuts for me to hope for an early labor. I understand why . . . so many babies in my family have been late, and in general most babies are not born before their due date, apparently. The doctor has mentioned a possible induction because of the PUPPP rash, and my mother thinks this is a godsend opportunity for any mother-to-be after carrying two of hers to nearly 42 weeks. Still, J and I can't help talking about the quirky little things I'm experiencing (a leaky boob here, a bout of diarrhea there . . . ) with the hope that maybe labor is around the corner. Unfortunately, my mother is usually right.

So we'll see how it goes . . . not sure about the induction bit still.

~ Marisa

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