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Paige's Parenting Journal

~ Meet Paige and her family

Hey everyone! My name is Paige and I am 39 years old, married to my husband Michael (48) for 15 years. I have four beautiful children, Stuart (12), Caitlyn (10), Brigid (3) and our newest addition, Maureen (6 weeks). We live in Southwest Virginia and are surrounded by the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains which keep us in awe of God‘s glory every fall and spring.

Michael and I had always wanted a houseful of children. We are both only children and had fantasies of houses full of family during the holidays. So we didn't wait too long to have our first child . . . Stuart. I was pregnant by our second anniversary on our first time with no birth control. He was an easy child and a joy to behold. Our desire to increase our family led to the second time with no birth control and 9 months later Caitlyn arrived. After Caitlyn's arrival, Michael and I decided no more birth control and we would accept what God handed us in the children department.

For some reason, God decided to wait seven years to bless us with another . . . Brigid was born just a few days after Christmas. Before she was 1 week old, Michael and I were ready for just one more. Much to our surprise and probably as a result of Brigid's enthusiasm for nursing and my "advanced maternal age," I did not conceive again until October of 2001. By this time my mother had been dead of lung cancer for 10 months and I was really ready for the great circle of life to bring another life to us.

Unfortunately this child was not to be for us. At almost 8 weeks I began to bleed and had a miscarriage. Ultrasound revealed a yolk sac of only 5 weeks gestation. In retrospect, I should have known there was a problem as my symptoms lasted only a day or two and then were gone.

But God graced us again and despite the fact that Michael works two hours away and lives where he works much of time, we were able to conceive again. My pregnancy with Maureen was an absolute joy. Sure there were the annoying problems that go along with pregnancy but I enjoyed so much of it and wasn’t really quite ready for it to end when it did. I was due to be induced on June 25th because of insulin dependent gestational diabetes but when I went in for my last appointment on June 24th, my water broke during my exam. So I trotted over to L&D and 2 hours and 48 minutes after we started the Pitocin, my darling Maureen was handed into my arms.

Everything about Maureen has been a blessing and a joy. My pregnancy, her birth, and her life. This journal is about her and her life with us. It is about the joys of parenting as well as the sorrows and problems. It is about us . . .

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