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Month Three
~ Time for Change

MaureenWow! I am not sure there is any other word that sums up this month with Maureen. Just wow! So many changes in four short weeks. How on earth can a mother keep up with them all? I have a beautiful baby book that I am desperately trying to keep up with and have already failed miserably. I really have to make it a goal to pull that book out and keep up while I can still remember. There really have been so many changes this month that it awes me. Maureen has already lost that newborn look and is developing a personality. She is so relaxed and laid back with the exception of two things. She still despises (and I can't emphasize that enough) the car seat and she isn't too fond of being hungry. Other than that . . . what a girl. Michael and I remember our first months with Brigid very vividly, and she was just a tad stressful from day one. Except for the evening fussies Maureen has none of that temperament. Such a relief . . . I feel badly that we keep comparing Brigid to Maureen, and we need to make an effort not to do so. Brigid is her own special person and Maureen is hers. We need to remember that and not spend all our time comparing. Maureen is just such an easy going child that it is hard not to look at her and remember how much Brigid turned our world upside down.

Maureen is handling my BSF mornings very well so far. I was actually a bit concerned as she is waking up progressively earlier in the mornings and still won't take a bottle. Last week she woke up at 10am and as hard as Judy tried, she wanted nothing to do with a bottle. Guess she just wants the real thing. I keep pumping every morning to build up a freezer stash that I am not sure we will ever use! I am going to put her on our Ask, Seek and Knock (ASK) prayer list that she will continue to either sleep through BSF, take a bottle or wait for me without fussing. I trust that God knows that I will not leave her for a bible study if she isn't handling the time well and I am pretty secure in the fact that He wants me to continue to study His word so all I have to do is ask Him to help me out here and he will!

She also continues to be a great sleeper at night. What a blessing! Maureen is consistently sleeping from about 10-11pm until 4am and then back down for several hours, sometimes as late as noon. She doesn't nap great unless she is in my arms, but often I am not even home to allow her the time to nap. My bad! With the two older kids it just seems like I get her down for what I can tell is going to be a great nap and she has to be woken up to go get someone from somewhere! Not a lot I can do about that. But I can handle not sleeping during the day as long as she does well at night. I continue to nurse her to sleep as it gives me an excuse to go to bed early as well. And what new mother doesn't need that. Brigid, Maureen and I get changed and pile into bed. I turn on Barney for Briggie and I pull out my bible to read my chapters for my study, attach Maureen and away we all go. Michael says that many times he comes up and the TV screen is blue, my bible is on my lap and we are all laying there with our mouths open, snoozing away. Thank goodness he doesn't think to take pictures for bribery!

This has been a very busy month for all of us. My in-laws are coming for a visit and Michael and I have been frantically working around the house trying to get things ready. We are painting Stuartís room and want to paint Caitlyn's and Brigid's rooms as well. Since I can only work for half an hour at a time without needing to take care of Maureen, most of the work is falling to Michael. And he has his own work that he is trying to get done around the house. We are also trying to get stuff out of this house. We want to have a yard sale and of course want to do it before my in-laws come since all the junk is sitting in the living room! I do enjoy my in-laws so the visit won't be too hard but it does involve changing some rooms around since my MIL cannot go up and down stairs and we need to have a place for her to sleep downstairs. They do not travel well so we have to basically put everything on hold when they are here. Unfortunately they chose a soccer tournament weekend to visit so we can't put too much on hold. I had wanted them to come to visit when we have Maureen baptized but they weren't willing to wait because of weather.

This will be the first time that they have seen one of our babies this young and I am wondering how they will react to the constant nursing, carrying and holding of Maureen. They are used to seeing our babies when they are older and more mobile. I think they met Brigid when she was 6 months old and the differences between 3 and 6 months are as much as night and day. I am kind of excited to see how they react to Maureen.

Brigid has returned to preschool and this has made all the difference in the world in her temperament, at least on Tuesdays and Thursdays. She absolutely loves it and is full of such joy and wonder on those two days. Makes me think that going more would be good for her. She is so relaxed and pleasant after preschool and on Monday and Fridays is such a whirling dervish! She loves going to BSF with me on Wednesdays as well and is usually relaxed after that as well. Guess she is just showing us what a social little girl she is and how much she loves contact with the outside world!

Stuart and Caitlyn continue to treasure Maureen and treat her very well. Caitlyn has figured out that she loves to take baths with her and it is a great way for me to persuade Caitlyn to take a bath as this is not her favorite thing to do. When does hygiene become important to 10 and 12 year old kids anyway? Now that Maureen is cooing and laughing when you talk to her, Stu will lay on the bed talking to her as long as she responds to him. I do love the age gap between all these kids.

Forget that . . . I just love these kids. There is nothing like them in my life and I think I need to stop typing and go and tell them that before this feeling slips by me.

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