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Melissa's Pregnancy Journal

StorkNet is very pleased to bring you Mel's pregnancy journal.

Melissa (31) and her husband, Tory (32) were married in October 2007. After an early miscarriage, Mel conceived again. Penelope Faith was born four days overdue, on January 2, 2011, weighing 6 lbs, 13 oz. After a traumatic childbirth and postpartum period, Melissa and Penny (and Daddy Tory!) are doing well!

Join Mel as she takes us week by week through her pregnancy.

Melissa's Journal Entries

Meet Mel

Week 4
Anxiety and Waiting

Week 5
Extreme Nausea Begins

Week 6
Waiting for the Doctor's Help

Week 7
First Ray of Hope

Week 8
Life with Meds and Cats

Weeks 9-11
Life on the Couch

Weeks 12 & 13
2nd Trimester and 2nd Ultrasound

Week 14
Survivor Guilt and Ice Cream

Week 15
Let's Talk About . . . You Know

Week 16
4th of July Outing

Week 17
Nursery plans and waiting for movement

Week 18
Making Art Again

Week 19
Weight Gain!

Week 20
Big Trip to Tennessee, & It's a...

Week 21
Lots of Firsts

Week 22
Big Family Reunion

Week 23
Paper Dolls!

Week 24
Diapers and Back Sleeping

Week 25
Almost in the 3rd trimester!

Week 26
Helping Others

Week 27

Week 28
Physical Changes of the Third Trimester

Week 29
Newborn Baby Cousin

Week 30
Good Things

Week 31
More Third Trimester Symptoms

Week 32
Nearing the Home Stretch

Week 33
Baby Shower!

Week 34
Childbirth Classes & Labor Planning

Week 35
Finishing Childbirth Classes & Baby Furniture

Week 36
Thanksgiving and the Baby Drop?

Week 37
More 3rd Trimester Symptoms

Week 38
Come on Already!

Week 39
Any Day Now?

Week 40
Breaking it down

Birth Story
Meet Penelope Faith

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