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Weeks 12 & 13
~ 2nd Trimester and 2nd Ultrasound

My schedule was pretty much the same each day as weeks 9-11. However, there was a big emotional hurdle for me in this time frame - starting the second trimester! I was holding my breath the last week or two of the first trimester, thinking, "Could I really get that far along?"

Finally, the day came when it was officially the beginning of my second trimester! I tried to be cool about it, but I was pretty happy. I didn't feel out of the woods yet, but knowing I had made it through the early genetic stages of development without major mishap to the baby was pretty awesome.

I also had another important milestone during this time. I had a doctor's appointment with another ultrasound! It is the appointment where they do the pap smear and breast exam and all the usual "lady stuff." The doctor tried to hear the heartbeat with the usual Doppler instrument and couldn't hear it (OH NO, I held my breath), but then he switched the ultrasound on and suddenly there was a baby shape on the screen! It was a REAL BABY! It had a head and a tummy and actually looked like a baby! Not only that, but it was moving all around like a little spaz in there. SO cute. The doctor was happy when he saw the heartbeat, said everything was fine, and switched the machine off. It wasn't until the end of the appointment that I realized I hadn't gotten a picture! Sigh. Only 8 weeks until the next ultrasound . . .

After the beginning of the second trimester, I started to get a little better. I was still mostly on the couch, but sometimes instead of my mom coming over I'd go to her house a few miles away! I stopped throwing up every day, and even though I was really nauseated and couldn't do much for fear of throwing up and was still choking down food, I started to have a little more energy.

I also announced my pregnancy officially on Facebook. All my close family and friends knew, of course, but I couldn't bring myself to announce it to "the world" yet, because I knew that as soon as I did I'd have to print a retraction because something terrible would happen. I was really scared to type the words and click "post," but I did. When the sky didn't fall down immediately, I felt a little joyous, and people's compliments about it were encouraging.


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